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The Anthill

The Anthill

What is it?

El Hormiguero is an educational project directed by José Luis Rueda Castaño that arises through the school of Hapkido Choson that he directs. Its objective is to create the environmental awareness in society, necessary to avoid pollution in the natural space that we have generated in recent decades. By cleaning up uncontrolled urban landfills by volunteering at her own school, and recycling her trash, she wants to show that her commitment to a greener and healthier world is possible.

In the following video you can learn more about the project:

How did the idea come about?

It was in 2012 when «El Hormiguero» was launched for the first time. It could be said that it is a «sub group» within our school that, without being fixed, brought together the people of the school who were interested in making an international trip and wanted, for this, to save part of the cost of that trip by doing different activities, including recycling. Since then, until 2020, the school has collected some 32 tons of recycling: paper, cardboard, cans, oil, clothes and caps. In addition to the most important, promoting the necessary ecological awareness, it has been possible to save significant amounts of money. Obviously, with a lot of work, involvement and time. For this new project, the idea is to gather a group of queen «Ants» who, in turn, want/can, have a sub-group of at least 5 ants that collaborate by delivering material for recycling. Above all, we will need people who truly understand the project and are willing to collaborate without it being a major effort for them or a nuisance to participate exclusively. In principle, we will be collecting cans (iron and aluminum); plugs and used oil.

What do we want to do?

We are going to build a new educational center, to improve the work we already do and expand it so that we can continue to contribute to reducing that feeling that society is a kind of «hostile entity» in which almost everyone survives. We believe in people and we are the people, who will change the world for the better with each gesture.

We want to improve and expand different direct action programs:

  • Against drug addiction
  • Fight against «Bullyng»
  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity in any age group
  • Addiction to new technologies
  • Promote culture, leisure and entertainment…

We work with children, battered women, workers belonging to groups at continuous risk of aggression (health personnel, teachers, workers in juvenile centers, jewelry …).


The center will be located in the Sevillian town of Alcalá del Río. Currently, we already work with students from 16 different locations and, in a timely manner, we also do it in schools, institutes and localities in other regions of the country and abroad.

In the facilities of the new center we will include what is necessary to accommodate small groups of people who, arriving from other places, need to stay seasons of «isolation» to (for example) continue fighting against an addiction.

What do we need?

Our idea is to work hard so that the project is financed with capital from cleaning nature (recycling). We are also doing a «crowdfunding» campaign so that any person or entity can collaborate with the project.

Please, if you want to collaborate, even with five euros, with seven or eight dollars, one hundred pesos… any help will be very well received.

If you want us to expand the information, please write to us at: hapkidosevilla@hotmail.com

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Now you can do it easily through Paypal in the account «hapkidosevilla@hotmail.com» (1*)

(1* You must have a Paypal account created to make the donation. If you don’t have an account, creating one is easy and free here.)